Bmk lowsal

Selected to thrive in low salinity conditions

We select, develop and sell genetically improved, SPF/SPR certified, P. vannamei broodstock for hatcheries worldwide.

These stocks have a broad genetic base making them more robust to new diseases or harsh environmental conditions, while at the same time they have been selected for resistance to specific pathogens.

Benchmark Genetics Shrimp emphasises on the production of robust stocks which can survive and produce under commercial conditions where it is impossible to eliminate all diseases and other stressors.

Shrimp BG1
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在养殖环境中,疾病与其他生存压力是无法完全避免的,因此生产在商业养殖环境中能够存活和正常生产的健壮种虾是Benchmark Genetics Shrimp的工作重心。

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