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Breeding for the future with genomic precision

Who we are

Benchmark Genetics Shrimp is part of Benchmark Holdings plc., leading provider of solutions in aquaculture genetics, health and specialist nutrition.

We operate a world-leading breeding programme for Penaeus vannamei, and globally distribute Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) strains from our biosecure multiplication centre in Florida, USA.

Using the latest genomic tools, our breeding program combines the expertise of Benchmark’s global team of geneticists with CENIACUA’s 22-year breeding experience.

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One size does not fit all! There are important interactions between Genetics and Environment. The best animals for one environment – or management practices – are not necessary the best for another. We do continuous collaborative work with our partners and clients to deliver lines with the best adaptability to their environmental conditions.
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What we do

Benchmark Genetics Shrimp develops and globally distributes genetically improved, high performing SPR/SPF shrimp strains with the highest adaptability to local environmental conditions and genetically improved disease resistance, yield, health and welfare.

We emphasize on developing breeders with a high level of resistance to the major diseases affecting the shrimp industry worldwide, such as WSSV and AHPND. As part of our commitment to animal welfare, none of our female breeders are eyestalk ablated.

Breeding Programme

Designed and supervised by Benchmark’s Akvaforsk Genetics (AFGC), our selective breeding programme is the world’s most scientifically documented genetic improvement program for Penaeus vannamei shrimp.

Akvaforsk Genetics is a leading provider of genetic improvement services for aquaculture industries worldwide with extensive experience from more than 25 large scale selective programmes covering 15 species in 16 countries around the globe.


Technologies shaping the future of shrimp production
BENCHMARK INSIGHTS (ISSUE 1) Technologies shaping the future of shrimp production